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Welcome back. This is my first update. In this update I have added a second page of black and white images, animals and people. I have had some trouble trying to come up with a better title than people. I tried calling it portraits but I always think of a portrait as something more formal, planed or set up. I was lucky to get what I have because I don't usually try to take these kinds of pictures.

For my second black and white page I have added some more of my favorite images. A lot of these images I have never printed. I re-discovered them while going through my fifteen or so years of negatives.

Animals. Again I wish I could have came up with a better title. I love taking pictures of animals. I find that they are some of the most difficult images to take. They never look at you when you want them to. They never stand still and whenever you make a noise they run away. Jessie and Rex are my own dogs. I'm surprised that two of these images are of cats. Cats are not my favorite. I have always been more of a dog person.

I hope you enjoy my new pages. Did I fail to mention that I changed a couple images in the Infra Red page? Please e-mail me with your comments. I do enjoy hearing from you.

Gallery Opening

The spring show and 20th anniversary grand re-opening at PhotoCentral was a great success. There must have been a couple hundred people there. If you weren't there then missed something special. The next show is schedule for June 2, 2003. The PhotoCentral Staff Exhibition will show case the diversity of work by the PhotoCentral staff. The opening is schedule for Friday June 6, 2003. For more information contact PhotoCentral.

New Pages

Well this update turned out to be a little different than what I first envisioned. There are no Toy Cameras, no Border Collies, well may be a couple, no Polaroid transfers, and no Clampers. I still plan on adding these pages someday but they will have to wait.

Most of the pages include images that are put together under a broad title such as black and white. In my next update I am planning on getting more specific and arranging the images under a more specific title. Some of the titles I am looking at are signs, mannequins and cyclone fences. I have a large back log of these images and I hope to put them together in some what of a clear and precise portfolio.

Well that is it for now. Once again I hope you enjoy my images. Thank you for visiting.


Here comes the business side of the Web Page. I don't have a set price for my images. I wish I could just give them all away to whom ever wishes to have one. I think someone wanting one of my images is one of the greatest complements. But the truth is that it takes a long time to produce a single image. If I'm lucky I might get away with spending a total of 8 hours on one image. This includes: printing, fixing, washing, toning, drying, spotting and mounting.

I am guessing that each 11" x 14" image will go somewhere between $150.00 top $200.00. Each Image is printed on Ilford multi-contrast fiber based paper and is mounted on 16" x 20" archival mounting board. Other sizes may be available.

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